Waltham Forest Children in Care Project

In the summer of 2018 Waltham Forest Council’s Voice and Influence service commissioned NBAM for a project working with children in care. The brief was to creatively translate the Pledge (seen below) with the young people so that is was more engaging and easily understood, especially by those members younger or less literate.

IMG_20180813_150921 (1)

Working with artist Jason Hawridge and using the exisitng colours of the brand’s pledge we met with 10 young people aged 8 to 21. The art work created would then leave the service with more inclusive versions of the pledge to be on public display with more engaged and happier service users who felt valued for their input into how the new pledge should look.

Each piece of art would contain one word choosen by the young people and selection of  shapes. Jason showed the young people around his studio and gave them some inspiration by seeing how wonderful art can be made up by similar shapes that demonstrate something to the person. We spoke about how words and shapes together give a stronger message and with this in mind each young person go started. There were shown skills on how to measure, draw, scale up and proffesionally finsih their from initial A4 sketches to larger  1 meter squared canvases.

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Over the 2 days the young people worked extermely hard  “I’ve not seen them so engaged in a project before” voiced one of their regular key workers. It was clear that the young people were enjoying themselves, learning something and also getting to walk away with a tangle piece of change, their own piece of art.  Their committement to their art was demonstrated clearly by these wonderful proffesionally finished pieces completed whilst working with artist Jason Hawkridge

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