3D Sculpture

My Happy Place Week 5: 3D Sculpture

Your Happy Place might have been somewhere far away that you have beautfiul memories of visiting, or it could be somewhere closer to home that makes you feel good when you think of it. It could even be a place that exists in your mind that you’ve created throughout this project.

This week we’d like you to take some time to think about your happy place and create a sculpture which represents it. You can use photographs, your memory or imagination. What kinds of sculptures might you make out of house hold items?

On the video below you can see what the NBAM team have made in response to their happy places.

Please do send in your images of sculptures you have created – we’d love to hear your stories about where and why your sculpture was created. To tag us on instagram of twitter use @neeshorg with the hashtag #myhappyplace

Holiday Ideas

These Sculptures are reminiscent of a quiet relaxing holiday in Kerala. A Palm Tree and the Fishing nets have been recreated.

This is our final week of My Happy Place. If you’d like to be included in an exhibition of participants work then please do send your images, writing , sculpture or photography.

Thank you

We’d like to thank WF Culture for giving us this opportunity to reach people in a new way during Covid19, Stow Film for their technical advise, Ben Sounds for their music, RSPB for location shots and of course all the wonderful peope who have viewed and taken part from home.

What’s Next

Friday 29th May we will be back with a new project called ‘Wish you were Here’ a holiday themed silly, fun and interactive online experience. We will be going live for elements and need your input from early on as we take flight with NBAM.