Down to Earth

October and November 2018

Down to is a 5 week sensory oriented project funded by the St James Street Big Local. It is aimed at older local residents working with them and various artists to explored their senses. Each week the participants involved would be set tasks that would allow them to  experience their senses in a way, learn/refine a skill and undertake a challe in a supportive and therefore achieveable way.

Week 1: Listening with Liz Griffiths 

We took a walk around the wetlands and thought about the things we heard and how these can be depicted to create an art work.


Week 2: Shifting Landscapes with Vicki Busfield 

On week two we took a short walk around the local area which has undergone a lot of urban regeneration much of which due to the St James Street Big Local.  As we looked around we discussed what we could see.  We then used movement in our bodies display how the patterns, shapes and details of every day walks could beome and dance piece.



Week 3: The touch of Sculpture with Esther Neslen