Celebrating Your Culture

Dagenham housing estate wall was transformed into a temporary art gallery. People had proudly taken their photo with their piece of art.

DagFEST 2018

On a burning hot day in July 2018 we were at the Dagfest. Having been commissioned to deliver ‘Create your own masterpiece’ we would engage festival goers on the subject of culture.  Liz ,Maite , Neesha as well as two volunteers spoke to hundreds of residents about what they thought culture was about and how they could celebrate theirs by creating their very own piece of art to take home.

Themes that came of the day were similar, with particpants using affirming words and images of their family and friends.

Getting stuck in from when we arrived – it was a busy day of work as we had to make a wonderful and inviting display to attract the crowds.  Our project turned out to be so popular that we had people queue 3 deep to take part.

Situated in the red zone we were busy all day from 12-4pm.

Finally as we prepared to leave a local young girl of a family with 8 children came over with a card.

It reads ‘you are so sweet and lovely xx’