Leytonstone Arts Trail 2019 – Exploring Colour

In 2019 we took part in the Leytonstone Arts Trail exhibiting work in Leyton High Road at the then East London Mental Health Support building. The exhibition comprised of artwork created by the members of ELMS during a 4 week participatory projects with us entitled “Exploring Colour”. ELMS building was not set up for artwork display, it was regular slightly neglected building with a corridor of blank walls. In order to offer the participants the best show possible we had to re-imagine the space, clean intensely, repair and repaint the walls, wash down the windows, design inviting outdoor elements to intrigue the public as well as mount/ frame/hang and curate the work so that as the public entered (this one before overlooked entrance) they were on a journey of excitement and discovery. Afer all the physical changes took place we hung the work along the corridor,cleaned the floor, set up a welcome message and had an open evening inviting the particpants and wider public to view the exhibition.
A worker at ELMS said “Wow, I Love it! It’s really brightened up the place and makes it so much more inviting for our clients”
We created new lines on one wall to reflect that of the other wall and bring both sides of the corridor together in order to see the space as one.
Below is a short video to watch of the full exhibition
Below you can see some of the artwork individually photographed so that you can see them upclose.