Souvenir Roadshow for Wish you were Here

Week 6: Souvenir Roadshow Barking and Dagenham

The Souvenir Roadshow first made an appearance last year, devised in collaboration with Artillery. This year we are focusing on the Souvenirs that you have collected brought home with you from a Holiday as a memory of that place.

The Souvenir could be anything you like, something of monetary, asthetic or memorabilia value.

We’d love to see your souvenirs and hear about your holiday stories. Yuo can join us on a Zoom Call to tell us all about it.

Here are some examples our team have come up with:

Join us on a Zoom creative workshop for chat about your Souvenir.

What will you bring with you?

We can send the private Zoom link to you via email. If you’d like to join in please get in contact or email