I have collaborated with Neesha on a number of art projects, and she is a pleasure to work with. She is super dynamic and determined to seize the creativity in every situation.
She’s not just creative in the activities, she thinks very carefully about original ways to engage “hard-to-reach” audiences and spark the imaginations of unconfident participants.
In all situations she brings fun, warmth and support to the groups she’s working with and the artists she commissions. She’s reliable, and available for assistance and feedback above and beyond the call of duty.
Behind it all, she is passionate about providing opportunities for every participant in the arts to flourish and develop their own creative stories.
I really can’t recommend her highly enough.

An Artist’s point of view


As a participant of Neesha’s workshop I experienced a calm atmosphere where everyone could work in their own way, while feeling enabled to step out of their comfort zone. She created a sense of flow which felt very natural. As a session leader I found Neesha very supportive throughout, her belief in creativity for everyone is inspirational!

A recent participant said…