Virtual Visit

My Happy Place Week 4: A Virtual Visit filmed by Nathan

This week we have a real treat for you. We’ve been unlucky enough to obtain and share with you this cycle and walk around the beautiful RSBP Site. It would definitley be on our list of Happy Places. We hope you enoy viewing and take part in the activities sugested after.

Things to do once you’ve viewed the film

The cover image of a lake was actually taken in Latvia whilst on holiday visiting a friend – Do you have images of natural places you have visited that you can share with us? if so, send them in with where you took the photo and what you were doing there. what did you love about it? Why is it a Happy Place? Use the #MyHappyPlace and tag us on Instagram or Twitter: @neeshaorg

Love on Rocks

Love On Rocks

Did you see the decorated rock in the film? If so, why not make your own decorated with a message of love and happiness.

Here you can seeTalula has used pen and purple sparkly nailpolish on a white rock to make a beautiful flower.

Tag us with your creations on instagram or twitter or send in via email.

Future Thoughts

NBAM often take group visits to calm and beautiful spaces but unfortunately we can’t do that at the moment. If you are interested in joining us on another occasion then send in your details to us via our contact page and we shall let you know about when we next go out. If you have ideas of where we could visit together later in the year, it would be great to hear from you.